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Price :  $11.50
Product Code :  USB TO SATA cable
Posted :  2015-05-31
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Supplier :  Cana Computer
Mobile :  078 788-837
Email Address :
Address :   10 E0 Street 253 Sangkat Tek LaorkII Khan Tuol Kork P.Penh Cambodia
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Posted by :   Cana Computer

Product Description

Product Name: USB TO SATA cable
Cable length: 80CM
Weight: 54.9g
Color: Transparent Blue
Function: with two hard drives connected to the SATA interface, recorder
Material: environmentally friendly materials to create crystal clear blue pvc
Chip: INIC1618
PCB Material: epoxy fiberglass double panel
Operating voltage: 5V
Operating Current: 200mA
Operating temperature -20-75 degrees
USB Interface Material: Gold Interface
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